Jiangyin Dading Chemical Co., Ltd. has built three production basesin Shandong province, Shanxi province and Hubei province in 2009 and 2012 to meet the requirement of market competition. Over these years, our company has been in close cooperationwith the famous scientific research institutes, colleges and Universities in China, and has set up some R & D centers with them. In 2018,our company will set up a new scientific research and production base in India. The company's now producing aniline series products, biological buffer series, ether series, dyes and other products. Our main products are: NN- dimethyl aniline ;mesidine,Trishydeoxymethylaminomethane, 2,5- dimethyl aniline 3,4- diamino toluene , 2,3- diamino toluene, 2,4- diamino toluene, 2,6-diamino toluene,scarlet base G, anisole and other products. Our company boasts advanced unit reaction equipment, refrigeration equipment, production equipment, high-voltage equipment, separation equipment and inspection equipment.

With a complete set of detection methods, our company enjoys advanced testing equipment, advanced technology and advanced equipment, such asGC, HPLC and other technological means. With excellent talents for business and technological development, we have successfully sold our products to outstanding enterprises in European Union, the United States and Japan.

All customers both at home and abroad are welcometo visit our company, give guidance to our work, and hold business talks with us so that we could achieve a win-win situation in the international market!

Since its inception, our company has alwaysfollowed a people-oriented principle and implemented the Japanese entrepreneur Inamori’s philosophy: Respect for the Nature and love for the mankind.

We regard our 320 employeesas the pillar of our enterprise and the real owners of our company. We are also grateful for people from all walks of life for theircontinuous support and trust. We will continue to provide our customers with quality products and professional services and work together with them to create a better common future.