Diethyl phosphite

Diethylphosphite is an important organic chemical compound raw material.
Quality colorless transparent liquid. Melting point::187-188°C,87°C(2.67KPa),refractive index: 1.4101(20°C),relative density :1.0736(20°C),flash point :90°C, easy to dissolve in mellow and aether organic solvents,etc.
Molecular Formula (C2H5O)2POH Relative molecular mass:138.09
Use The product can used as extracting agent, phosphoric acid ester family intermediate; widely uses in pesticide industry for producing organophosphorus fungicide--kitazin. The product can take place of the mercurial to prevent and cure rice blast. Also has certain effect on rice rhizoctonia disease and grain dry sickness ,etc.
Quality Index




colorless transparent liquid, slight smell, no clear mechanical impurities

Free acid (as HCL),%


Diethyl phosphite Content,%


Packing packs in dry plastic drum . 200KgS/drum